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5/18/2017 5:46:01 PM | Posted By : iClinic Healthcare

Apply warm castor oil on your heels and massage them a regular basis. If someone else can massage it for you, then it is even better. This regular massage will help your vision considerably. It will slow down the rate of vision loss because of aging and it will instead improve your vision a fair deal.  
4/13/2017 4:30:56 AM | Posted By : iClinic Healthcare

The trio combo of hot milk, onion and Urad Dal (Lentils) can boost your libido a great deal. Have lentils during dinner, add onion salad to your afternoon meals, and have hot milk before going to bed. Right from the sperm count to erection, this foodie trio can handle most of your sex related woes and even boost the faculty a big deal.  
4/10/2017 3:01:26 PM | Posted By : iClinic Healthcare

Night discharge is quite common in teenagers, and if somebody is telling you to control your thought process and think less about sex, then bid him goodbye, as there is a better way to get rid of this embarrassing problem. Keep a wet towel in the abdomen region before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning, have some black pepper mixed in ghee. It will help you in keeping a tab over your exceeding sexual energy. 
4/4/2017 6:16:45 PM | Posted By : iClinic Healthcare

Throw away all those protein packs and try desi ghee instead. Mix one teaspoon of desi ghee in milk, add some ginger powder into it and have it on a regular basis. It can become your ticket to possess a voluptuous body!
3/28/2017 12:30:17 PM | Posted By : iClinic Healthcare

Market is flooded with some tools that can help you in relieving from the attack of gas. Here, we are giving you this instant homemade solution for the same. Add salt & pepper to club soda, and then drink it. It will instantly release you from the pressure of gas. Same mix can help you while you are feeling some kind of vomiting sensation as well. 
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