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10/8/2014 7:11:40 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Aneurysm is a medical condition that is a result of one artery becoming weak in the brain and becomes inflated like a balloon. It can become very severe and burst that can lead to bleeding in the brain.


If it stays un-ruptured it might not cause any symptom. But common symptoms are difficulty in smiling, eye movement and facial expressions. But the worst symptom is excruciating headache, along with neurodeficit that is based on the location and amount of bleeding.


It can be diagnosed through a CT scan that will be effective in identifying a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. Another standard way of determining it is through DSA or Digital Subtraction Angiogram.  It can be effectively treated with the help of open brain surgery or clipping of the aneurysm. But times have changed and there have been innumerable advancements in the medical field. Endovascular coding is now done which is minimally invasive treatment. Moreover, seeking medical help is also quick and easy with online healthcare providers like iClinic Healthcare offering a reliable virtual platform in both rural and urban areas. One can instantly connect with a renowned specialist online 24/7 and seek medical help. One can choose from various online services like written medical advice, video call with specialist, ask a doctor and 24/7 online doctor.


Endovascular Coiling of aneurysms is equally effective when compared to surgical clipping so patients can safely opt for this medically advanced treatment. But this treatment is quite expensive. But since it is minimally invasive, the duration of stay in the ICU and recovery is also minimal. iClinic Healthcare has collaborated with major hospitals like Max Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Global Hospitals, Medica Super Speciality (Kolkata), Pushpanjali Crosslay, Nova Speciality Hospitals, Artemis Hospital, Enhance Clinics and Delhi ENT Hospital among many others covering all parts of India. Should you need any treatment of any kind at a hospital, iClinic can facilitate this at a partner hospital and ensure that you get prompt, efficient and economical service.

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