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10/29/2014 10:19:16 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Hypertension is caused due to raised blood pressure. It is a very common ailment that is increasing due to hectic lifestyle that people lead. Lack of sufficient sleep, poor sleep quality, addiction to smoking and drinking and less activity, consuming food rich in salt and fat that only have commercial value and have no nutritional benefits are some of the causes of high blood pressure and damage to body.


But as per a survey by iClinic Healthcare, many patients suffering from hypertension refrain from seeking medical attention. The reason has been cited as routine work life imbalance which according to many is considered to be normal and acceptable. But symptoms like headache, sweating, general discomfort in the body, breathlessness, heaviness in chest are to be taken into serious consideration. Since lack of time is a major concern in visiting a doctor, patients can seek quick medical advice from iClinic Healthcare online services. Their services have crossed borders and reached even the remotest rural areas in the country. It is a convenient platform that allows patients to connect with renowned specialists. The 24/7 services are hassle free yet resolves any medical concern.    


Written opinion helps patients to share their reports online so that they can resolve their queries. Patients get a written opinion from specialist who effectively resolves their medical concern.


24/7 Online Doctor can be accessed anytime from anywhere through chat or video call.


Video Call With Specialist enables patients to seek advice through video call, live regarding any medical condition. Patients can easily book an appointment and upload their medical records to start consultation.  


Avoiding anti-hypertensive pills is not the solution to any problem. Medication must be taken regularly as advised by the doctor. Any changes needs to be confirmed by the medical practitioner. Life style modifications are also necessary to control blood pressure. In fact, one does not have to take prolonged medication if relaxation techniques, effective weight loss, consumption of less salt and all the other health measures show significant results. So it is important to be determined to take good care of one’s health and follow a reliable medical practitioner to overcome any health issue. 

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