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2/12/2015 5:47:06 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Seek Advice From Expert Sexologist Online At iClinic Healthcare And Get Definitive Answers


Although a diabetic may face innumerable issues, a rising and very common concern amongst them is erectile dysfunction and various other sex-related issues. Research shows than around 60-70% men who have diabetes are also experiencing any form of erectile dysfunction or other sex related medical conditions. What adds to this problem is that most people do not discuss private sex related problems with their doctors. But what individuals fail to understand is that it is essential to get the facts correct and discuss every issue with one’s doctor as he can offer proper guidance based on the severity of the medical condition. The most essential thing is that a doctor can get a blood test done to understand the main cause of the medical condition and treat it accordingly.


Some patients refrain from seeking medical help due to the fact that they shy away from being open about their medical issues in society or the fact that prolonged treatment involves spending a lot of time and money. But the scenario is slowly changing. Online healthcare is slowly gaining prominence and iClinic Healthcare, a prominent online healthcare provider in both urban and rural areas is changing the way people look at healthcare. iClinic offers a variety of online services that involves consultation with the top specialists at affordable rates, round-the-clock.


Experts at iClinic believe that in diabetics, erectile dysfunction is caused mostly due to hormonal deficiency, problems in the nervous system or irregular blood supply which requires medical attention so that the underlying factor can be determined the corrective measures can be suggested to the patient. Patients can use the online services of iClinic from the comfort of their home and be assured that their medical records will be shared over a secure platform. It is a convenient way for patients living in the rural areas to seek expert medical help and lead a healthy life.

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