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8/16/2014 5:43:18 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

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When the thyroid gland does not produce the required hormones, a condition called hypothyroidism develops. As a result the chemical reactions in the body get imbalanced and mostly women in the age group of 50 get affected. In the early stages it is mostly asymptomatic but gradually it can lead to major medical conditions. In order to prevent any major health issues and treat hypothyroidism, it is essential to understand the symptoms.




Thyroid imbalance causes fatigue and less activity in the body, including the brain that constantly signals for sleep.


Gaining Weight


This hormone is instrumental in regulating the body’s metabolism but its inadequacy slows down metabolism. This results in weight gain.



As the body slows down, the digestive system gets affected. This results in bloating and constipation.




Hormonal imbalance results in depression. This is also aggravated by fatigue and gaining weight.


Joint Pain


As the level of thyroid hormone becomes low, the body becomes autoimmune resulting in joint pain, stiffness, swelling of joints, muscle aches and issues with carpal tunnel.


Brittle Nails and Hair


As the basic functions of the body slow down, the moisture in the body is also reduced that leads to brittle nails and hair.


Rise in Cholesterol Levels


Low metabolic activity leads to a rise in cholesterol levels that can be treated by treating the hormones and following a healthy diet.





Goiter can be caused when the thyroid gland increases. The basic symptom is swelling in the neck causing much discomfort in breathing and swallowing.



Dealing with any medical condition is challenging. Regular doctor visits and innumerable tests can be daunting and time consuming disrupting one’s personal and professional life. In such circumstances, all one requires is a quick and easy way to seek medical help. iClinic Healthcare is an Online Doctor service provider that helps doctors and patients to connect and deal with health conditions. One can be a busy professional or live in the remotest regions anyone can access the services of iClinic Healthcare. With some of the most renowned doctors associated with them, seeking valuable advice is just a click away. With reasonable charges and an option to save time, patients can now get medical help from the comfort of their home or offices without having to travel or wait in long queues. 

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