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8/13/2014 9:50:40 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

One of the leading online healthcare service provider that is offering medical consultation in remote corners of the country that is reliable and easy to access is iClinic Healthcare. With 24/7 services incorporating some of the best doctors from all over the nation in various specialties, their services are varied and top notch. Thee specialists are adept to handle any health issues effectively. The entire procedure is very simple – through video call, patients can connect with any specialist or just upload reports along with queries and get a written medical advice from within 48 hours.


Patients can choose from a variety of services like 24/7 Online Doctor, Video Call With Specialist, Written Medical Advice and Corporate Services. Patients can also seek support from fellow patients and share their experiences through Patient Forum and seek reliable medical information through the Symptom Checker.


Online consultation is the trend of the hour because patients can seek medical consultation directly from industry veterans who will swiftly offer medical solutions, detailed consultation summary and explanation to help patients understand clearly and work towards improving their health. The entire process of video call, choosing a specialist of your choice or uploading reports to get one’s query answered through written medical advice from a specialist within 48 hours is hassle free.


In today’s fast paced life where people have taken to the internet to get their work done instantly, seeking medical consultation online has become a boon for many. It provides uniform access to remote as well as urban areas, thereby helping to save valuable time, expenses, effort and travelling costs. Patients get exclusive time from the specialist along with privacy to discuss their problems. Another essential factor that has led to the rise in online consultation is that patients can now have access to doctors any time of the day. Since there is a stiff competition in the market, online health service providers are using every possible resource to reach out to more patients.


Technological advancements have led to advanced online consultation and according to various survey’s it is soon to take over OPD visits where patients visit the doctor face to face. Visit to check out all the Ask a Doctor services in detail.

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