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3/16/2015 5:39:49 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Young kids often end up doing strange things that we fail to understand. We not only get worried but also infuriated at times. Mostly parents start to worry when their children become teenagers and start suspecting if they are up to something wrong. Secretly getting a tattoo, trying out new hairstyles and demanding money from parents are some of the things that often parents fail to come to terms with. But kids at this stage require very patient handling and any harsh action from the parents` end can push the child to take drastic unwanted steps.


One of the most common habits among adolescents is not seeking permission for doing something. This is mainly because they figure out that they will not get the permission to do what they want and so they choose to take the easier path of not having to confront their parents at all.


Some of the things to keep in mind and handle sensitive issues tactfully are as follows:

  • Parents must understand that adolescents need to explore and display their sexuality because it helps to form the base of their identity.
  • The sexual feeling of any child is hugely influenced by media and popular culture.
  • It is advisable to educate children about drug abuse and violence and keep discussing general issues to understand their feelings and thoughts.
  • Parents should try to create a friendly relation with their children. They should understand how the kids are using social media, educate them about the pros and cons and not react to their social media use without any cause and create tensions in the family.
  • Parents must encourage their kids if they are doing right and always maintain a cordial relationship with them.
  • The most important thing is to keep the ways of communication open. Parents must not give children false information or hide facts from them regarding anything.


Often when parents land up with their kids to counsellors, they are advised to communicate with their children and be friendly with them. They must take their kids into confidence and understand their feelings. Public humiliation and unnecessary strictness with kids must be avoided. Parents must keep a track of their whereabouts and help them shine through their adolescent years with ease, joy and confidence.

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