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8/14/2014 12:29:25 PM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Not too long ago healthcare professionals would hardly use online tools like e-mail or video chat to communicate with patients. But over a short span of time the scenario has changed drastically. At present more and more people are comfortable for an online doctor consultation and discuss health related issues. Patients want to interact with doctors online to:


  • book appointments
  • get prescriptions
  • seek second opinion
  • save time
  • lessen medical costs


So with changing times, doctors are now on the edge to make the most of modern technology. More and more doctors are keen to connect with their patients through video chats. And interestingly, the popularity of online consultation has also helped rural folks to seek quality medical care without any hassles. iClinic Healthcare is soon catching up with this trend and introduced online consultation services in urban as well as rural areas with the aim to provide superior quality healthcare services to patients and busy professionals at reasonable rates. The services from iClinic are:



24/7 Online Doctor: Patients can get reliable medical advice and quick consultation from qualified industry veterans round-the-clock. Patients can instantly connect through chat or video call and get an opinion from the doctor anytime and from anywhere.


Video Call With Specialist: iClinic has a panel of some of the best doctors across various specialties and patients can consult them after booking an appointment online. Patients can get access from their home, office or anywhere at flexible timings. A consultation summary can be obtained by just uploading the medical reports.


Written Medical Advice: Patients can now get reliable medical advice from renowned specialists without the hassle of appointments and travel within 48 hours by just uploading medical reports online and asking relevant questions.


iClinic Corporate Services: iClinic also offers exclusive corporate services specially tailor made for today’s busy professional. Busy professionals can video call with any specialist through appointment from any location, anytime!

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