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1/28/2015 5:38:40 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Obesity is a big issue at present since people are struggling with their weight and are unable to lead a healthy lifestyle. A person is considered obese when he/she has excess body fat which affects their health negatively. At iClinic Healthcare, we daily come across various people who seek guidance to lose weight effectively and stay healthy. 


So what is it that leads to weight gain? You can easily discuss your issues with an online doctor at iClinic Healthcare. iClinic offers easy and time-saving services like written medical advice, 24/7 online chat, video call with specialist and ask a doctor, that can be accesses from the comfort of one’s home or office. Although there can be various factors that lead to weight gain, here are some common factors that have been suggested by our specialists:


Over-eating: Having calorie rich food can not only make your meal heavy but also lead to unwanted weight gain and other health complications. Although fast food and colas are tasty, they add huge amount of sugars and carbohydrates to one’s body. 


Less activity: Times have changed and people hardly indulge in any kind of activity. There is no work-life balance, television is the only source of entertainment and modern electronic devises take care of daily chores in every household. This results in less calorie consumption and accumulation of unwanted fat in the body. 


Lack of sleep: Odd working hours and increased workload have lead to inadequate sleep or sleeping habits in individuals. Research suggests that inadequate sleep leads to an increase in weight as it causes hormonal imbalance that leads to increase in appetite and weight gain. 


Impact of certain food and drugs: Certain food products high in fructose can trigger weight gain. It does not stimulate the body when it has received enough food which leads to over eating. Consumption of certain drugs can also lead to being overweight.


Genetic Causes:  Some people have a genetic tendency to gain weight. Having a high calorie diet and less activity only triggers to gain more weight, which is difficult to get rid of. 


Some of the other factors that can lead to an increase in weight are smoking, modern lifestyle, irregular routine in life and not taking care of one’s health. If an individual is struggling with any of the factors mentioned above and is unable to keep a check on their body weight, they can seek immediate help from a specialist at iClinic Healthcare.

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