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1/20/2015 6:15:07 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

iClinic Experts Help You Understand The Changes That Take Place In Your Body And Ways To Overcome Them!


Many people work in shifts whether it is day or night. Usually they suffer from Shift work disorder that is a result of insufficient sleep because of variable day-to-day bed time. But there is a difference in disorder that varies from the kind of shift a person is doing. Mostly these issues occur when a person is doing night shift that can be either fixed or rotational. But being in a fixed night shift is always better than being in a rotational shift. This is because fixed night shift lets individuals to set their internal clock to a particular pattern as opposed to a rotating shift that never allows one to set any fixed pattern. Daylight also plays a vital role as it is closely related to the circadian rhythm and its maintenance. There are some genes too that get activated during certain hours and then again they shut down. Experts call them clock genes. So if an individual keeps interfering with his internal body clock it can lead to some serious medical problems.


Specialists at iClinic Healthcare say that they receive complaints of shift work disorder. Some of the common symptoms are difficulty staying alert at work and later trying to sleep. Some other common symptoms include anxiety, depressed mood, fatigue, malaise, decreased libido and digestion troubles. Risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and weight change are increased along with drug and alcohol abuse.


To seek help, individuals can easily connect with any specialist at iClinic  Healthcare to get easy solutions to their sleep issues. Counselling and medication can help to a certain extent but one needs to strike a cord with the internal body clock and take care of their health. A specialist can assist in chalking out a diet plan along with a daily exercise regimen to help you stay healthy and get adequate sleep also. iClinic online services are available round the clock at very affordable rates. So stay healthy and strike a work life balance with the help of iClinic Healthcare.

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