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1/5/2015 5:20:01 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Breast cancer has been cited as the leading cause for deaths amongst women. Unfortunately, researchers have been unable to come up with any preventive vaccine to help save the life of millions of women. Initially, a women delays seeing a doctor as the lump can be painless. But what is important to know is that a breast lump can be simple or benign or malignant or cancerous. 


Many women seek online consultation from doctors at iClinic healthcare to know more about this dangerous disease. Doctors always suggest that early detection is the key to get cured completely. Some of the common signs to look out for are lumps, swelling, change of skin over breast, changes in nipple and discharge from nipple. Women should self-examine to detect lumps and this should be done regularly every month after the age of 30 soon after ones menstrual cycle is over. 


Mammogram test is also done to determine breast cancer. Mammogram is an x-ray of the breast and is usually done in women aged 40 and above. It can pick up any abnormalities that is not been detected by physical examination. But this test is quite painful ad uncomfortable. Mostly this test is done after the menstrual cycle is over and the breasts are soft and tender. For women aged below 35, mammogram is usually conducted by an ultrasound to diagnose a condition. Women who have a history of breast cancer in their family need to be cautious and seek early consultation. 


For women who want to know more about the various symptoms and latest treatments of breast cancer, iClinic healthcare with its online platform and services is the best option. It is a secure medium and patients can connect with a specialist anonymously. The online services include 24/7 online doctor, written medical advice, video call with specialist and ask a doctor. The services are reasonably priced and enable people to get connected from their home, office or any remote location in India. 


Research shows that breast feeding has been for long considered as a natural way to seek protection from breast cancer. But women must be careful and alert and constantly stay connected to a gynaecologist whenever they feel or see any sign of concern.

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