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1/2/2015 5:41:19 AM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Almost every other person that we meet complains about back pain. Although at some point in our life we are bound to face this problem, by taking some preventive measures we can keep it in check and maintain a normal lifestyle. 


Back pain can be simple or severe. Simple back pain can be caused by any wear and tear that is the result of sudden twisting of the body. Infections can also be a reason for back pain. Any injury that leads to fracture can leave behind a permanent scar and cause back pain. Tumours and cancer can also be a dominant cause of back pain. 


If you are suffering from prolonged back pain and would like a quick consult without the hassle of travel or waiting in queues, then iClinic Healthcare offers convenient 24/7 online services like 24/7 online doctor, written medical advice, video call with specialist and ask a doctor – these services can help you connect with a doctor immediately and resolve your medical concern instantly. 


Back pain can be managed by taking rest. But prolonged rest will not help as doctor’s advice to keep moving around and do basic daily chores. Taking pain killers is also an option but only under the guidance of a specialist. 


It is advisable to consult a doctor if your back pain keeps worsening, it doesn’t seem that the pain is improving, if there is terrible pain down till your legs, you experience back pain after a huge fall, back pain is accompanied by fever or weight loss and most importantly if patient has a history of cancer. 


Patient who is unable to urinate or pass stool, gets no relief after consuming pain killers or has excruciating pain specially when lifting the leg must be rushed to emergency and a specialist must be consulted immediately.

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