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8/29/2014 2:05:15 PM | Post By : iClinic Healthcare

Expert Advice To Help You Cope With Your Mental Health Issues


What is Schizophrenia?


It is a chronic disease and leads to brain disorder. It may lead an individual to hear voices, see unreal sights that are a cause of imagination, or feel being controlled by other individuals that is only a fragment of their thoughts. Individuals behave erratically and the sensations can often be frightening. Although there is no sure shot cure, treatment and counseling can often help to curb symptoms that are serious and extreme. 

Common symptoms of Schizophrenia?


Hallucinations, Delusions and Paranoia. Depression is also known to lead to Schizophrenia in some cases.

Exact cause?


Although the exact cause is still unknown, it is believed that genes and environment play an equal role. When the level of chemical messengers in the brain dopamine and glutamate are imbalanced, it leads to abnormalities in the brain structure. There can be difference in the activity levels too.


Mental health is a very critical topic that individuals find difficult to discuss or come out into the open in the fear of being a social outcast. Often people suppress their feelings and emotions as well as their suffering. But this can will only aggravate the problem and lead to suffering. Counseling and taking proper medication is very essential to overcome any mental issue and lead a normal life again. Often patients try to seek information online but not all information is relevant or accurate. Seeking professional help is very important.


With the rise of online healthcare, such issues can be easily solved. Patients can now talk to renowned doctors across the world as professional medical help is only a click away. iClinic Healthcare is a prominent name amongst many online healthcare providers. Being associated with some of the best doctors and hospitals, their reach is not limited to urban areas only. They have a strong presence in rural and remote areas too. Being a 24/7 online doctor platform, patients can seek medical help anytime, anywhere without having to reveal their identity from the comfort of their home or office. Being a secured platform, patients can also be assured that their medical information will be kept confidential and they can talk to a psychiatrist online and treat any medical condition. 

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