Why Card 9?


During pregnancy every expecting mother has to go through a series of tests recommended by her gynaecologist. card 9 ensures a secure and healthy delivery by covering all possible tests which can be ordered in a normal frequency. By availing the card 9 membership you will also get special discounts on any other test you need to undergo.

Will this membership cover my testing needs during pregnancy and also that of my newborn?


Yes. It will cover all your testing needs during pregnancy and also that of your newborn as per our different membership programmes which have been designed in consultation with leading gynaecologists across India.

About Diagno Labs


- Established in 2012.
- Caters to 2 Million satisfied customers every year.
- 4000 patient centres across the entire length and breadth of India to service you at home or clinics in over 60 towns.

Diagno Labs has the following to its credit:


- 2 Million satisfied customers who have availed Thyroid and Hormonal testing. These tests are essential during pregnancy.
- 50000 Maternal screening tests for genetic evaluation of babies.
- 10000 Antenatal Panels testing, a mandatory first test of pregnancy.
- 60000 pre-pregnancy TORCH Infection tests for ensuring safe pregnancy.
- 10000 Newborn Screening tests of babies to ensure that they are perfectly healthy.
- 5000 Karyotyping and FISH analyses to secure mother and child genetically.

What is the Card 9 Programme?


The card 9 programme is prepared to support would-be mothers with personalised pathology services across the length and breadth of India through Diagno Labs` dedicated home sample collection and clinic sample collection facilities.

What are the different types of memberships available?


The programme consists of 3 different types of memberships: Silver, Gold and Platinum. These are offered through a one-time payment facility and are valid from membership initiation date till babies` 1st testing.

The Card 9 Silver membership offers you 70 important tests during the entire duration of your pregnancy. This membership also covers the 1st set of tests required by newborns. The total cost of 70 tests is Rs 8040 but you will get the same at Rs 6000, thereby benefiting from a saving of 25%.

The Card 9 Gold membership offers you 122 important tests. The total cost of 122 tests is Rs 14,150 but you will get the same at Rs 11,200, thereby benefiting from a saving of 21%.

The Card 9 Platinum membership includes 197 tests to ensure a comprehensive diagnosis during the entire period of your pregnancy. The total cost of 197 tests is Rs 20,755 but you will avail the same at Rs 16,000, thereby benefiting from a saving of 23%.

As Diagno Labs’ pricing is 20% lower than any other national equivalent lab, the overall effective savings will be around 40%.

What`s the convenience for pregnant women?


By using Card 9, you can avail these tests at about 4000 patient centres, spread across the entire length and breadth of India, to service you at home or Doctor clinics in over 60 towns, at very minimal home collection charges if required.

Will my medical records be valid across India?


Yes. Your reports will be valid throughout India as we have NABL, CAP& ISO 9001:2008 accredited laboratories.
In fact, you do not have to carry your medical records anywhere. With our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) facility, you can access the reports anywhere and anytime on your smartphone, simply by using your login ID and a password.